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SSetting up MongoDB with Docker

04/05/20191 Min Read — In Development

One of my friends asked for help setting up a MongoDB with docker, so I threw together this gist. This sets up mongo with authentication enabled, which is really important (and overlooked in many…

sssh-agent on Windows Subsystem for Linux

03/14/20191 Min Read — In Development

It took a lot of googling to finally find a solution for setting up ssh-agent properly on WSL, so I'm not entering my ssh passphrase every time I do anything requiring it. Add this to your profile…

CCommon pitfalls with xdebug

08/20/20161 Min Read — In Development

xdebug is an awesome tool for debugging your PHP code. Rather than var_dump'ing your variables out in a page, you can peek into them in your editor at particular points in the execution. Interacting…

QQuick Tip: Divi Footer Text Replacement

08/16/20161 Min Read — In Development

I'm a big fan of Divi by Elegant Themes, and they've got some crazy stuff coming in September: A front end WP editor powered by React. The video demos I have seen so far are incredible, and I'm…

BBuilding Custom WordPress REST API Endpoints

08/06/20162 Min Read — In Development

In many of the projects I have been working on lately, we have leveraged the WordPress REST API. It's super easy to add your own endpoints, and it just feels better than the old admin-ajax way. Wait…

UUsing Remote WordPress Uploads on nginx & vvv

03/02/20161 Min Read — In Development

I was reading this article by Pole Vault Web  about using the media on a live site, which contains a few helpful tips for your local development sites. To recap, the idea is to save space on your…