Hi! My name is Kevin McKernan,
and I‘m a software engineer from Denver, CO.

I built my first website at the age of 12, and I have worked on turning that hobby into a career ever since. As a technical leader and developer, I have built products and websites as solutions for both client and personal projects. I enjoy working on projects which involve new technical challenges to solve, collaborating with other developers, and helping the developers around me learn new skills. I’m currently leading all front end projects at AirDNA, co-organizing the Denver React Meetup, and building awesome online tools for the Order of the Arrow!

Latest stories

SSetting up MongoDB with Docker

04/05/20191 Min Read — In Development

One of my friends asked for help setting up a MongoDB with docker, so I threw together this gist. This sets up mongo with authentication enabled, which is really important (and overlooked in many…

sssh-agent on Windows Subsystem for Linux

03/14/20191 Min Read — In Development

It took a lot of googling to finally find a solution for setting up ssh-agent properly on WSL, so I'm not entering my ssh passphrase every time I do anything requiring it. Add this to your profile…

CCommon pitfalls with xdebug

08/20/20161 Min Read — In Development

xdebug is an awesome tool for debugging your PHP code. Rather than var_dump'ing your variables out in a page, you can peek into them in your editor at particular points in the execution. Interacting…

QQuick Tip: Divi Footer Text Replacement

08/16/20161 Min Read — In Development

I'm a big fan of Divi by Elegant Themes, and they've got some crazy stuff coming in September: A front end WP editor powered by React. The video demos I have seen so far are incredible, and I'm…

BBuilding Custom WordPress REST API Endpoints

08/06/20162 Min Read — In Development

In many of the projects I have been working on lately, we have leveraged the WordPress REST API. It's super easy to add your own endpoints, and it just feels better than the old admin-ajax way. Wait…

UUsing Remote WordPress Uploads on nginx & vvv

03/02/20161 Min Read — In Development

I was reading this article by Pole Vault Web  about using the media on a live site, which contains a few helpful tips for your local development sites. To recap, the idea is to save space on your…